Does Spinoconstrictor fare well against Indoraptor G2?

So according to the bleed update that happened long ago, Spinoconstrictor is supposedly good against IndoG2. I doubt this a bit, since, well… It’s IndoG2 and I have a feeling Spinocons is just another one of its victims.
I can start working towards the thing, but am hesitant, since bleed in the current meta…yeah.
But if it means putting a stop to this Indo2 nonsense, then I’ll be happy to do so.
So, have you experienced this match-up? I would like to know whether it’s really worth it.

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Theoretically it works. I think @Idgt902 said it works in practice. @Qiew might have something to say too.


Indo2, despite being only legendary for me, is the real beast of this game, much better even than the Geminititan, and I do not understand how it is not High Tyrant. In fact, the majority of times I appear as a rival I disconnect the game because I already know that I have lost the game. Maybe a bleeder can be useful against him but let’s be honest almost no one has a bleeder on their team because there is none valid in the current arena and the spinoconstrictor certainly doesn’t either.

I hope that this beast is a real nerf at some point, but we already know, as it happened with the rat, that the nerfeo will come not when it is logical if not when Ludia wants.

Keratoporcus is a bleeder and that works well against Indo G2 as it also has a decel strike and a definite rampage. Not tried Spinoconstrictor.

It is possible, but if I have not evolved Indo2 because my “principles” prevent me from evolving a legendary super hybrid, I will not create and evolve to fight against it a legendary, not superhybrid :slight_smile:

I think you would have a lot more fun with this game if you ignored these “unwritten rules” of yours once in a while - and that genuinely isn’t a criticism - just a thought; this game has expanded so much that a little outside the box thinking once in a while can pay dividends.

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my constrictor is unboosted lv 22. does fairly well against boosted indo g2s. i already know i’ll at least to 70% of it’s hp before constrictor dies. Sometimes even kill it if the indo’s attack is low enough CS won’t kill me in 2 hits. if Constrictor does die, exploit wound is still going, so the indo g2 is most likely dead if it doesn’t swap out.

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Yes it does but there is RNG involved in success which I’ve had it go both ways.

On a fresh head to head match if Spinoconstrictor does EXPLOIT WOUND and Indo G2 does its normal CAUTIOUS STRIKE, Spino survives and Ingo takes 53% health damage at all levels.
On the next round, if Spino does instant SIDESTEP, and RNG is in its favor, indo gets another 33% bleed and then Spino gets first attack on the next round on Indo for the kill.

Spino is immune to Indo’s distraction so it will always get full attack damage plus bleed.


It’s not high tyrant because at equal levels it looses to Gemini 100% of the time. 1v1 Gemini beats everything. I have a level 24 Gemini and the only way I lose to any Indo G2s is if it’s a lvl 30 with over 2k attack and it hits a crit. The cautious strike nerf knocked it down a peg and makes it killable as long as you have something to slow it down and absorb its rampage

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I would if it wasn’t for the coins and the boosts. Creating a competitive dino costs almost 2 million coins that take two months to obtain and quite a few boosts. Therefore, I can only put a new dino in my team every two months and losing boosts. Therefore, deciding to create a dino and not another is a transcendent decision and when I must do it the doubt arises: I should create a unique creature that a priori should not be nerf or a legendary (indo2) or epic (yoshi) creature that it’s a little better but should it be nerf? When in doubt, I always select the first.

If there were no coins or boosts, it would be very different. I would have created many dinos like Yoshi, Indo2 and some more and my team could vary. With coins and boosts, I know that my team at the end of the year will be the same as now with a maximum of two or three changes, the decision is complex.

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And what difference does it make that Gemini wins everyone, if afterwards he is weakened and any faster and slightly stronger dino can kill him?

Indo2 does not always win, it wins 80% of the time, but when it wins 100% of the time it is faster than the rival that can come out (except have instant charge) and therefore after killing a dino, it does a lot of damage the second before dying. That is the great difference between one and the other.

I don’t disagree with you that it’s not a powerful dino. And it’s one that everyone has and throws a ton of boosts into it which makes it seem even more formidable. But have you ever faced a lvl 30 super boosted Gemini? Cause it does exactly what you said Indo G2 does. Except With 7-10k health and full immunity it will level your whole team, laughing as it absorbs every dinos best hit before dispatching it.

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laughs in alloraptor. literally one of the few that can take gem on. mostly mind games now and unless you have super excess dna, most wont have her past lv 20.

I have been afraid to level my alloraptor because you know it will be nerfed even more and get a Unique. Or maybe stay the same, but I’m not leveling it and wasting dna for a potential high tyrant superhybrid.

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i’m waiting for her unique as well. i did boost mine, but only because i love the creature and she was probably going to stay anyway. if her hybrid improves on her i may just run both.

I will be honest, I haven’t tried her in the arena yet. I have one spot left on my team that is not locked in. Just unlocked Mammo so that is probably gonna be it.

Am using Spino (24 level, light boost). He can kill indo g2, not easy but can. It depends on both moves, which is cool. Its hard to play with spino, its not about spaming sidestep. Fight against indo g2 depends, what he do like first love, if cautious or mutual fury

No. Geminititan has a decent chance to kill everything in the game. It only struggles with moth if moth predicts a decel rampage, alloraptor if it predicts an ID, tryko if it also predicts an ID, Marsupial Lion if it also predicts an ID, and grypolyth, which is probably the best gemini counter. Meanwhile, Indo gen 2 loses to a bunch of stuff like gemini, maxima, mammolania, procerath, porkus, and even titanoboa. And unlike gemini, these aren’t also factoring predictions, but rather the only chance indo has is getting a crit. And even if it does, it’s more battered and bruised than gemini

To answer your question @anon42364012, spinoconstrictor does beat Indo gen 2.
Spino starts with a rampage. If indo gen 2 uses MF, CS or ES, it is reduced to 900, 613, and 1900 hp respectively. For the first 2, a simple sidestep is all that is required to take out indo gen 2. For a turn 1 ES by Indo gen 2, you must use exploit wound and that should be a kill.