Does Suchotator deserve to be Aplha tier?


Suchotator has really good skills and stats.Why don’t people use it.I have 150k coins.Should I spend my coins for it.


what arena are you at? i mean it is fine it used to be ranked alpha but that much coin you can invest in something better.


I’m in Jurassic Ruins.

That is my team


then no just dont. your team seems really good already. maybe utahsinoraptor instead of spinutasuchus but other that that you are looking fine dont spend coins on suchotator


Thx .My Utasinoraptor is lvl16 and ı cant find Utarinex in my location


have you find utarinex anywhere :open_mouth:


I caught 2 of them in the wild.But diffrent location from where I live


Is Spinotasuchus not good? Even with the new update? I was thinking about getting him


Better off with her cousin sucho. Im now working on it


İt is really good.But the Dinos who have superior strike,crushing him.


the DoT effects seem good with the new ability but the dinos that those attacks would be more impactful all have superiority strike and it hoses DoT effects. not to mention SIA s and the fact that they can just switch out of wounds


sorry ı confuse utrainex with sinoceratops
I caught sinoceratops.Legendary and Unique ones doesnt spawn in the wild


i know thats why i was shocked. and it doesnt spawn much around were i live either. but that event with 5 epics really helped. i went for 15 sinoceratops and my utahsino is now lv 19