Does the 24.99 offer still exist?


Leveled up 4 times (9-12) and still keep getting the 19.99 offer instead. Really want the 4000 cash vs 2600. Offer is still active on my screen but can’t decide yet. If I don’t take it I feel i’ll be stuck in Marshes forever with no meaningful coins/cash.


My understanding is only if you buy a particular offer, you will get the next higher offer (unless it is some low level offer and they might give you something to entice you).

My offers used to be of increasing cost every time I bought it and since I stopped buying, I have been getting the same offer since last 4-5 levels!


Yea makes sense. Thought about it for a bit and came to the same conclusion. Until you finally buy a certain level up offer, the next price point won’t show up. Each identical level-up offer will simply increase a bit for DNA and coins, but the hard cash amount stays the same.


I’m level 13 and still get a $2.00 offer because I barely ever buy them.