Does the Boost really doing well?

Well, recently there’s something that wondering me in my mind.

The boost was introduced last year and been review and renew several times.

But, does it really match it purposes? :heavy_check_mark::ballot_box_with_check:
I’m wondering why does it doesn’t effect the hybrid if we boost any of it combination? :thinking:The gens should effect its hybrid somehow, right? For example, hybrid between armor​:crocodile:+speed​:snake:dinos=:dragon:also will have its armor & good speed. :+1:

So, if we boost any of commons, rare, epic or legendary does it should have some effect to it hybrid that we create?

By making those, maybe we have different state of dinos between the others dinos.:snake::crocodile::rhinoceros::sauropod::t_rex:

Perhaps by doing this will also help new player to prepare for their hybrid. :v::v: