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Does the boost reset also give back your refunded boost?

I would like to know if during the boost reset any boost we refunded for half the price will be returned at a full 100 if not well I hope Ludia change their minds.

I totally understand you but boosts recovered for half their value were things you did on your own.


We don’t know yet, all we know is that we will be getting a boost reset, so for now, it’s unknown.

There is absolutely no chance at all of this.

If you reset some of your own boosts at 50% of their value that was done entirely by choice.

I am far from being a Ludia apologist, but I wouldn’t dream of expecting this. And I’ve refunded plenty of my own boosts at a loss of 50%.


Very unlikely. You choose to refund your boosts so it doesn’t get covered by this.

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Wait, no?

Wow. I figured they would. Otherwise, there’s no point of a reset. We refunded our boosts and made mistakes.
If they are resetting all of our boosts, we should get back ALL BOOSTS we spent real world money on.


The point of ending your statement with Period doesn’t mean you are right.

I hope Ludia does it the way @Din0Dude says but Ludia gave us a tool to recover boost at half their value to improve other Dinos.

While you decided to recover them and be competitive with new Dinos applying boosts again, others stayed the same and didn’t improve performance in the arena. (no better tournament rewards, for example)

Thanks to that distribution you may obtained better tournament prizes, better season rewards, etc.

Is it fair for players that didn’t recover their boost? you did it on your own. nobody pushed you to do so.