Does the game actively discourage grinding?

I’m at a point where my heroes can’t finish the next dungeon in the Explore sequence. When they fail, Laeral pops up with a message about how every loss lets the monsters get closer to their goal. Does this notice have anything to do with actual gameplay—i.e., are the enemies actually adapting in the background? Or is this just purely flavor text? And in any event, why does Ludia want to discourage grinding?

I’ve seriously never seen a game that so actively discourages players from actually playing the game. Between the long cooldowns on free challenges, the dismal gold drops, and Laeral’s comment above, I feel like the game is sending the message, “Don’t play me.” Why on earth does Ludia want to block players form playing? Is it commercial (trying to force real-money purchases, which I have already made out of my initial enthusiasm), or technical (throttling activity to manage server load), or something else?


It seems that way.
The fact that we can’t go back and replay old levels to get more gold and level up is another set back for this game that actively discourages you.


There will not be an answer to your valid question as ludia only appreciates positive question any other questions will go unnoticed.
I myself haven’t got an answer for you.

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Ned replied on one guys post about arena, but I never heard anything on my arena post…smh