Does the head look unusual to y’all? (Creature file #7)

New creatures means new file. Today, we’re gonna be doing a ceratopsian that has two horns at the top, and two horns at the face. Everyone, the diabloceratops is coming, please welcome it.


Rarity: Epic

Health: 3050

Damage: 1000

Speed: 117

Armor: 15%

Critical: 10%


Long Decelerating Strike

Greater Stunning Rampage

Dig in

Possible hybrid: Diablotherium, fuse with Diabloceratops and Mammotherium

Rarity: Unique

Health: 4650

Attack: 1440

Speed: 121

Armor: 20%

Critical: 5%


Long Decelerating Strike

Ferocious Strike

Dig in

Definite Rampage

Passive: Immune to Damage over time

  • Diabloceratops means “Devil Horn”.

  • Diabloceratops was discovered and described in 2010.

  • Although the first specimen of Diabloceratops was discovered in 1998, it wasn’t until 2010 that this ceratopsian dinosaur was named and described.

Can you guess the creature?

What a terrible crocodilian it is.



Correct. You want to know why

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10 char

The name, Deinosuchus, mean " terrible crocodile"

Let’s hope its reputation isn’t as bad as its name

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It’s how people see you and what they think of you.

One of my favorite dinos.

Diablo = Devil
Ceratops comes from the Greek “Κέρατο” which means horn.

So Diabloceratops means Devil horn.

Wrong again.

Deino comes from the Greek Δεινός which means skillful, awesome, formidable and not from Δεινά which means suffering, bad, terrible.

Wait, deino means awesome? Man, so I guess deinocheirus means awesome hand😂

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When did you learn this? I found some facts at website, excluding Wikipedia

Exactly right

Deino means terrible

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No I explain it to you. It come from Δεινός and not from Δεινά

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Δεινός πολεμιστής which means in free translation mighty worrior or fearless worrior and we use it when we want to say that someone is really good at what he does.

Τα δεινά του κόσμου which means in free translation the bad things of the world and we use it when we want to indicate a terrible situation.

Yeah, I wouldn’t trust wiki so much!!

There are many Greek words that are spelled and sound the same but in different genter mean a whole different thing and it’s very easy for someone who is not Greek to confuse them.

The thing is, everywhere I’ve read it (this includes books) it’s always been translated as “Terrible crocodile”, same with Deinocheirus (terrible hand), Dinofelis (terrible cat) and Dinosaur (terrible lizard).

For that matter, I’ve never heard of any scientific name using the other meaning before.

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