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Does the left hand know what the right hand is doing at Ludia?

We have these raids right now with certain prizes. Besides Mortem Rex we have, Sinoceratops, Mammotherium, and Smilonemys.
The left hand at Ludia thought they would be good prizes. Nobody told the right hand.
We can understand why the Left hand thought they were good prizes though. Before the 2.0 update.
Smilonemys was considered a very good creature, one of the best. Its ingredients require 3 different Epic DNA sources, and not too many teams had it because of this, but it was still a force to be reckoned with.Some considered it one of the 10 best creatures in the game.
Mammotherium was the legendary ingredient to make Mammolania. Mammolania was considered to be one of the best three creatures in the game, if not the best,
Sinoceratops was the main epic ingredient for both Thor and Utarinex. Both of these dinosaurs had some small group of fans among the top players, in particular Thor.
So all of these prizes should have been exciting.
So are they?
Nope the right hand changed so many things. Besides Nerfing its fellow top 4 dinosaurs Geminititan, Entelomoth, Indoraptor Gen 2 out of competitive existence, Mammolania is also out of the top 50… There is not one team using it. It is an expensive useless paperweight, and for all those people who spent so much time Food interact Play for that wooly mammoth DNA, well your tears are understandable. Same goes for you Gemititan and Indo Rex gen 2 people.
So basically this Mammotherium prize is not end game worthy.

Smilonemys is not on any top 50 team either. It just does not hold up. Considering the Epic ingredient cost of three different epic, this is a huge failure. It is also a prize that is end game worthy.

Sinoceratops is not so desired right now as well. Utarinex, like Geminititan is no longer on any top 25 teams, and a few of players just use it as filler to do guarantee damage because of the charge. It is not end game worthy. From various discussions with others, Utah and Gem are just holding the fort until a replacement is found.
Thor may appear end game worthy to a few because of all the armor up top that needs chomping, but it’s legendary ingredient Allosinosaurus is actually better for PVP . It has more base damage, more hitpoints, more armor, and is faster. The legendary needs about 26000 sinoceratops DNA to get to level 30 to be end game worthy, so those prizes are a small drop in the bucket. It does not help toward a progression chain.
Basically, good game design and planning should have created a progression chain.
You beat the first thing, and it helps create ingredients for the players for a creature that helps with the second. The second creature is supposed to help with getting the third. The third is supposed to help with the fourth. All of these are supposed to be decent, preferably end game, ingredients worth investing in
This did not happen.
I don’t think we can blame the left hand on this…
This is a failure of communication between groups.


Have you thought that these Raid bosses are just testers before more and better are released into the game?

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Yeah, they did say more would be rotated in later on. I believe gamepress found in a datamine that there would be T-rex, Pyrritator, and Grypolyth

Sure. But how many times do I have to give Ludia the benefit of the doubt?
Let me try it another way. When you want to impress somebody, like a job interview or a first date
You put your best foot forward and try to impress.


I’ll be aiming for that Pyrritator, much more motivation for it than for Mammotherium.

Assuming it comes out soon.

More like Soon™.