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Does the matchmaker take into consideration rarity when assigning your team its power level?

Here’s my conundrum. I recently passed 2500 Trophies and I currently have one Legendary (Monolometrodon). <2500 I would run into the odd Legendary, like I have. However, as soon as I went over 2500, I am now facing full Legendary decks that I can’t really deal with. So my question is, how does the Matchmaking algorithm work? I know it takes into consideration Trophies and team power. But is a level 18 Common adding the same weight as a level 18 Legendary?

In other words, if I pull the Monolometrodon out, will I face less Legendaries?

Here is my lineup:

Level 18 Monolometrodon (Legendary)
Level 18 Tarbosaurus (Common)
Level 18 Deinonychus (Common)
Level 17 Compsognathus Gen 2 (Rare)
Level 17 Hatzegopteryx (Common)
Level 16 Megalosaurus (Rare)
Level 16 Suchotator (Rare)
Level 14 Compsognathus (Epic)

No, matchmaking was made to be I believe solely trophy based since 2.8. That should be the only factor now.

Nope. It’s all trophy-based

Also, if you want to increase your win ratio and be able to counter legendaries, get rid of those commons, they’re pulling you back

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