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Does the meta and the relevant dinos change to fast? Have you planned to level up dinos who now is useless?


Even before 1.7 some dinos changes attributes, become better and some worse.

After 1.7 we all know many players have dinos in progress and aswell dinos who now becomes less attractive.

I will show 2 dinos.

And probably you have more example?

Does the meta change to fast?

Have you started to level up dinos to your team, where you now stopped the progress?

Who playes this anymore?


Spinotah was very good dino for two patches and I think it is enough.

But if you invest in dinos, time and money and a lot of coins…

Shoulden’t they be useful even after 2 patches?

I still use those 2 on my team! :sweat_smile: Procerathomimus is actually super useful, but ofc it’s always an RNG game with her. I haven’t faced too many dinos with the new Precise abilities, so she’ll remain on my team.

I was planning on replacing Spinotasuchus with Erlikospyx, but I’m still very behind in creating her.


That’s the way how these games work and I am more than ok with it. I’d rather not face all the same dinos months after months.


So to stay in the top… You need to spend more money, and more often?

Because the meta change often?

Yeah! Erliko is cool!
My own is just lvl 22. But boosted.

I like the procera. But as you say, some gambling… :pray:

I still have spinotashuchus on the team, but will not use too much boosts on her.

Currently with some crazy boosts that opponent has, a bleed + swap in draco always gets the kill as bleed does percentage damage. Usually when an enemy puts all boosts on one dino, bleeding makes quick work on those.

And now with boosts, even a medicore dino can take down fierce creatures, as long as they are boosted high enough.

That’s how it goes. I don’t care though. I only want to create all dinos.

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Or be willing to devote that much more time to getting the DNA and coins required. One is much faster than the other.

A casual player will never keep up, much less be competitive at the top level. By the time they accumulate the resources required for what is currently meta, it changes on them. They are chasing an every moving goal.

How does it perform at low level but boosted? i unlocked mine today and was thinking of boosting her a little…