Does the time you battle affect it?


So over the past few weeks I’ve noticed that every evening from about 8-30 till 10-30 I can’t seem to win a battle . Tonight I lost eleven battles in a row ! Went down from 2,900 to 2,580 ! That’s the worst run I’ve ever had , and pretty soul destroying as I haven’t changed anything . Just the time thing … just played two battles and won both . I’m in the UK by the way , and I can pretty much assure you that I won’t be battling between 8-30 and 10-30 again soon :rofl:


I’m in the UK too; early morning before work and right before bed used to be perfect times. But now it seems like the whole thing went a bit haywire. Not battling again til after the reset.


Same here I’ve fell down to 3518 and now I won’t be playing till the reset just wish it would hurry up so I can play again


Lots of people under 3500 trophies are trying to get over that threshold to get the reset gift. I’m sure many of the arena droppers are doing this as well.