Does the Vault of Coins ever go on sale?


I need to get coins at some point for upgrading my dinos so curious if I should wait for the sale.


It does go on sale once in a while (like once a month. Check the Metahub coins sale articles to see when all it went on sale). But the bonus I have seen is 10% extra which is not a good deal.

So, I have been going ahead buying the vault of coins without deals since with a deal, it would give me another 25k coins extra, which is not worth the waiting time.

The 500 cash deal though are usually sweet!


You’re better off buying the 25k coins when they’re on +50% coins. With the limit of 3 you can buy you get 37.5k extra.

With the vault on special (+10%) you get the normal bonus of 25k + an extra 25k, which is higher, but I’ve brought 3 lots of the 37.5 twice now, which is a total of 75k free.


Yes it does go on sale
If you work for Ludia, that is…