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Does This Ever Happen to Anyone Else?

I’m wondering if this happens to anyone else, I really want to use Nodopatotitan and Gigaspikasaur. I know they’re not that great and definitely not meta defining but I really want to use them for some reason, and I don’t know why, it’s just a spur of the moment thing. I would like to see anybody else’s non meta team additions too.

I dunno if Postimetrodon is meta or not, but Imma keep on using her :heart: easily my favorite dinosaur in-game, tied with Magna, but I don’t have Magna yet, sadly.

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Does Posti work out in battles for you? I never really used it, but I’m curious on how it does.

She does like 60% of the time. I use her mostly as an opener, and she does relatively good at it, either KOing the enemy lead or getting them low so they switch out. She struggles agianst enemy chomper leads since they can easily pressure me into using her regeneration earlier than I wanted to. Now, with the boosts being reset her Dmg has fallen off a tad-bit, but I’ll boost her back up in the future. I know a lot of people would use her Ferocious Strike and then use her DSI after, I instead like to use her DSI first and then her FS after and then DSI again.

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Sounds interesting, reminds me of Tryostronix a bit.

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Yeah, she’s like a weaker version of Trystronix, I love both, but I’m sticking with Posti since she’s 2 levels higher and I just generally like her more. Though she has taken the back burner now as I’m going to start using her DNA for my Trystronix, as he needs to be leveled up to team level.

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Pretty sure @TheMaxx can give some experiences on high level posti… pretty sure its not used anymore but he may even have a vid or two of some high level posti gameplay.

Postimetrodon was amazing, but not above about 3500 trophies, IIRC.

I loved that creature! Still using Tryo at 5k amazing as a revenge killer if your opponent doesn’t know how to respond, he’ll sweep through the next 2 dinos after killing the wounded one.

Yeah Posti is pretty fun. I used to use it all the time but eventually upgraded when i had the DNA for other dinos. I still use it in tourneys but it probably can’t hang too well in high ranked teams since there are tougher options.