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Does this fall under the code of cheating

![image|690x388]@k(upload://47MSKE8cWDcYbh1K85H5hXu64d3.jpeg) I would like to know how everyone feels about doing theses events more than one time

@Keith would you please let us know how you and ludia would address this topic

This has already been discussed,

No decision has been made.

@Keith please tell me there’s a solution to the server error :sob: I am not able to play since hours. This game is the only thing that I do in my free time.

Not supposed to according to what Ludia staff have said on the forums, although this bug that Ludia introduced cuts both ways for players though, if your bench is deep enough to complete the event multiple times that option is open to you but does go against Ludia’s fair play standards (from what they have been saying). However if you are a player that would normally do half of an event and then finish said event later in the day when your creatures came off cool down you are now stuck with the decision of either speeding up creature cool downs to complete the event in one sitting or skipping the event all together.


I tried a lot and then it worked

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From my point of view it is part of the normal functionality of the game at the moment. I have to do nothing out of the ordinary (like let the game crash in the middle of a fight) to force the game into this behaviour. All I have to do is play the game as it is supposed to be now.

So if you are capable to do events more than once Ludia has absolutely no right to sanction you for doing so.

On the other hand is this a big disadvantage for all players who do not have the lineup to complete an event in one session. For them this means that they can not complete those events at all.


Yep, an that’s what happened to me. However I spent about 300 bucks to buy back my vipcreatures to complete the elasmotherium event-once and for all!

Thanks @Keith I had missed where this was under discussion I don’t want to be called a cheater because I have a strong enough team to complete these events multiple times and at the same time if I start a event and my team was not strong enough to finish the event if I leave the game it restarts back at zero which is a advantage for ludia because now I have to spend DB to complete the events

@Tommi I agree with everything you said but ludia could say this is cheating because you are taken advantage of a bug in the game so I’m on the fence with this one because I have a strong enough team to complete these events multiple times but I don’t want to be called a cheater on the other hand what if my team was not strong enough team to complete the event but I can’t come back later to finish the event because if I leave the game it goes back to zero so that makes it a advantage for ludia because now I will have to spend DB to finish the event so it seams like damed if you do and damed if you don’t this is why I’m sitting on the fence

Consider for a moment that you are not a member of this forum.
No one from Ludia made an announcement in the game that there is a bug active. You wouldn’t know that there is a bug. No one told you in the game that you should not use this new ‘feature’.
You may think that this is a new feature that forces you to do an event in one session and let you do this event as often as you want if you can.
What should Ludia do with those who take the opportunity without knowing that this is against some rule for fair play of them. This bug has absolutely nothing to do with this rule.


Totally agree with @Tommi. Ludia should spend their time getting bugs fixed than trying to penalize every single player that actually plays the game that is currently given to them. I can’t think of a better way to alienate your entire player base than to conside this ‘cheating’, when it’s something that YOU created in the game. It’s not like this is some secret exploit that one person discovered and used secretly.