Does this happen to anyone else

The game keeps breaking and preventing me from doing anything. I was just wondering if anyone else constantly experiences this

It happens every tournament and only in the weekend tournaments

nope never happend to me.
maybe it’s a bug, I’ll go to the support with this issue.

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Screenshot_20200321-115035_JW Alive

Exact same thing happened to me 2 wks ago. My erlidom dodged and got slowed down. Then zoomed into this mess.

Write support so they tell you it’s your fault and that they are working on a solution with no idea when it will be fixed. That’s normally what I do.

This happened to me in the last tournament, except mine was with Rexy.

Hey The_blaze, if you haven’t already, could you reach out to our support team here at with your device information and support key so our team can investigate? Thank you!