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Does this look balanced?


Ludia how can you come up with a plan to fix unbalanced matchmaking and actually make it worse!!! Here is some proof! Starting with my team and my recent opponents teams… enjoy and feel free to comment your own experience. My username is elbeato!! .


Is your team boosted? Were any of the other opponents? It’s not all about trophies or shown levels anymore. When all that fails the winner gets one trophy or loses 59 or so. I’m not saying we don’t need fixes but I’m not sure this isn’t what was intended and it needs some tweaks

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Yeah I have 2 boosted dinos to level 2 boost, however my opponents also had boosted dinos, imagine fighting a level 29 boosted thor, or a level 30 boosted tryko with any of my team dinos… close to impossible! I barely complain about these stuff but this definitely needs a fix!


How many trophies did you lost?


I’m feeling you Elbeato. After the update I had a few opponents who all had level 19 or so dinosaurs which I felt really bad about smashing, and then my last 16 battles I have not faced a single opponent with an average dino level of lower than lvl 27 (my max dino is 25 and lowest is 21 with 3 dinos with level 2 boosted stats, average level 23ish). It’s just a waste of time because I’m either getting smashed or relying on stupid RNG to get a win. I don’t get how this is balanced…

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Nope. Doesn’t look balanced. How do you like rolling that purataurus at lvl 20. Does he stand his own? What did he replace?


I remember losing 39 on one of those fights


I feel you bradley… I feel the same way, it’s just close to impossible to beat a level 28-29 team with my team of max 25


Paul so far I like that dino… it replaced a level 24 indoraptor. It’s main advantage it’s the counter attack which depends on the opponent health and that is great… it just needs a little boost on the health cause it’s low

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