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Does this sound right?


So, earlier at work I was on a break and headed to the arena. Long story short I was fighting a tryko with my indoraptor. It was at a point where I was guessing they would use their instant invincibility shield, and I did not have my shield breaking move available - so I switched to my spinotauschus - which happened first as all swap moves do. Their tryko did indeed then show the priority animation and deploy the invincible shield. No big deal since I was going to go with my bleed move and do some DoT to finish their tryko… only, right after the shield move, their tryko hits me with a rampage.

How did they get to go first? In my mind my swap and their shield was one turn, which should then go to the next turn, in which case I was faster and should have gotten to go first, right?

I ended up losing the battle. I wouldn’t go so far as to say because of that, but it certainly didn’t help me out.

Shouldn’t I have gotten to go first? Am I missing something?


I’m not sure if I’m missing something as well. Your spinota should’ve gone first with the bleeding, how did it die having nothing done?

I’m bold guessing you hit it with base attack first, and was shocked by the fact the shield was still there?..


Nope, I swapped in the shield got put up. Then before the buttons even showed up for me to move I got hit with the rampage. It didn’t crit, so I survived and did the DoT, but got smoked with the counter attack.

I may record all my battles from now on, just to save weird stuff like this.


Bug it is, unless you had other apps popped up to intrude the game. And all you had seen was only visual latency, by which I mean your indo actually took a turn and received a counter hit from that tryko but what you saw is your spinota swapped in at which point the tryko in fact had already another turn ready for the rampage.


Hmm, I guess I wouldn’t count that out, but I had nothing else going and there were no other lags or jumps at any time.

oh well.


Maybe on your screen he was faster, but on his screen you were faster.
Happens very rarely, but encountered it in a friendly battle.


Visual animations in battle are becoming as reliable as the damage calculation and speed indicator… when 1.5 dropped the first two weeks id go about 5-6 matches then have bbn some kind of bug… buttons didnt show up and my turn was auto selected… my attack animations would be skipped but i could see base damage being done to my opponents health. I havent ran into in a few weeks, but i came real close to uninstalling.