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Does tommus silverhand weapon work correctly?

I have his weapon at level 3 which is supposed to proc 250% damage, however it doesnt feel like its 250% damage. Anyone have any insight to this?

@Ned @Ludia_Developers can someone please acknowledge this? It took a lot of resources to get this to level 3 so it’s pretty rude to have the item not only not work correctly but also to have the issue ignored

It seems to me that the weapon is underperforming too.

Hey herpderp, there was an old issue that should have already been addressed. There is more information that can be found in this thread here:

If you’re still noticing any discrepancies, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team here at, and our team would be happy to investigate further.

Thank you!

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Written in the release note for the upcoming update.