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Does Tuoramoloch have a place?

Thinking of ditching dracorex maybe?

Don’t know how much do you like using drac gen2, but lookin at your team i think is the best option. Your other dino are stronger than tuora. Maybe erlidom lv 21 is a bit frail but it’s always a 129 speed tier

Yeah erlidom definitely has bailed me out with the speed paired with immunity. I hate dracorex but again it’s bailed me out many times

I find that tuormoloch(used correctly) is a good Spinotasuchus counter, and everyone opens with the blood sucker.


If I were you Draco2 users I would start to prepare a team without it… nerf is coming

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Tuoramoloch does have a place.
In your Dinodex. :open_mouth::joy:
It LOVES to hang and chill in there with it’s friends, stygimoloch and Paramoloch.
This is where it survives every day it’s alive.
The DinoDex. :joy:

I agree - I use it at 22. It’s weak. But at 25 it should be fine imo.

I would swap out Erli or Draco2 mostly due to how low level they are in comparison to what your team currently brings

I dropped my L20 Draco G2 for it … I was getting bored … thanks to 100 on the darting I was able to level it up and find it useful