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Does VIP Membership include tax?

Hi all, I’m fairly new to the game and am considering buying the VIP Pass. I already know of its insane value. But does the $9.99 per month subscription include sales tax or not? I need to find out since I have a few Google Play gift cards and am wondering if I would be able to use them to buy VIP.

No sales tax at all.

I pay tax on my subscription.

And also for in game purchases.

Are u playing on android or IOS?

I only pay the 9.99 a month on iOS, no tax.

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It’s dependant on where you live.
Ludia is in Quebec, Canada.I live in Ontario, Canada so I have to pay the sales tax.

I’m guessing Bryce lives outside of Canada so from Ludias perspective it’s an export of intangible personal property. So it’s taxable… at zero percent.

Edit: if you in Canada you’re getting taxed! :exploding_head:


Android US pays sales tax (at least in Texas) - $10.76


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Dang I guess I should have subscribed on my iPad. I pay tax on my membership through the Google Play Store.

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Thank you!

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Update: on my android, i subbed to VIP few days ago, didn’t have any tax in my payment.

most likely you will not be able to