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Does vulnerability affect DoT?

Does vulnerability increase DoT’s damage? This question is connected to another question: I’m just curious what’s the better move order for Spinosaurus: EW+GW or GW+EW?

No it’s doesn’t and yes spino should go ew turn one

Ok, thanks. It should imo. Exploit wound sounds like it should be used after GW, when DoT already works

I played spino last rate advantage tourney, you’d be surprised at how many it brought down

Also if we had 1.2 bleed then I think they would stack (I came 1.9 soooo)

I’m still probably not going to use him in any type of tourney. I just have fun by using weak dinos in similar level strike events and this moveset intrigued me. By using EW+GW, lvl 19 Spino almost killed lvl 13 Brachio in two turns, he was left with around 100 hp. Spino needs some kind of buff imo


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