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Perche’ se tolgo i potenziamenti di salute, velocita’ ed attacco da un dinodauro x darli ad un altro, si dimezzano? Avevo un sacco di potenziamenti e adesso mi ritrovo con 2. Sono deluso da questa cosa

Translated From Italian

“Why if I take off the health, speed, and attack boosts from one dinosaur to give them to another, are they halved? I had a lot of power-ups and now I find myself with 2. I’m disappointed with this”

Unfortunately, our forums are currently only in English; we have translated your post using Google Translate. In the future, please remember to include an English translation.

If you remove Boosts from a creature, it costs you 50%. You’re best bet is to leave them on until we get a free boost reset and then rearrange them without the 50% cost.