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Dominate + Counterattack

When Tommus is dominated and wielding his legendary weapon, and someone attacks him, I’ve seen three different outcomes:

  • Sometimes he attacks the attacker
  • Sometimes he attacks the dominator
  • Sometimes he attacks his own party

These are very different outcomes that usually determine the outcome od the match.

Is the outcome supposed to be random or is this a bug?

Although I do not recall the rationale, the developer has previously advised the apparent randomness of the dominated counterattack is working as intended.

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Well with silverhand weapon it even worst if an ally is dominated and attack your tommus who isn’t dominated but got counter. You will strike back like it usually work but if it proc your row attack will attack everyone on that row including tommus himself. In short you get tommus who his kind is clear attacking himself because he strike an ally dominated

He will even counterattack himself.

I had Tommus with Silverhand weapon and counterattack activated. He was dominated and attacked a teammate in the same row he was in and the SH weapon proc, hitting himself (same row). He then counterattacked himself, with proc, hitting the whole row again.

Yeah, lost that match.

I really think it’s his Counter attack “when hit” accessory causing the deviation. Try unequipping it and just using his other ways to to counter attack without it and see if when he is dominated and hit by the squad that dominated him if he counter attacks them the right way or if he still will counter attack his own squad when he is hit. I don’t have the accessory yet to test myself but in battles against him. Have seen it happen when he doesn’t have the Taunt w/ counter attack ability active making the accessory seem like the culprit or maybe it’s just having Both the ability and the accessory is bugging out when he is dominated. Good luck PCs!

It seems to happen when legendary Weapon procs. What I surmise is:
When it procs it hits “enemies”
When dominated your teammates are the “enemies”

Believe Ludia has said this is working as intended

Seems there would need to be change so counter targets are based off attacker that triggered counter, so the attacker and teammates would be the valid targets

I get that when dominated and he hits his own team counter attacks from other hero’s he hits are gonna happen.

What I’m saying is my team Dominates. My team hits him. He counter attacks his own team when he DOESN’T have his Taunt w/ counter attack ability active. When it is active even when I have him dominated and my team swings he counter attacks me which seems correct. When it’s not active and he is dominated by me and is equipped with His TRINKET that gives a chance to Counter attack when hit. When My team hits he counter attacks his own squad. That can’t possibly be intended… but whatever I don’t use him on my Battle roster yet very often because my Tommas lower level and under geared.