Dominate duration

How do you get it to last more then one round. I’m 12th lvl and have the weapon at lvl 2 I think but I’m fighting some people who are lvl 10 and it’s lasting more then 1 round. I find it hard to believe that at lvl 10 people have it above that lvl.

The duration increases at level 3 and level 7 for the bardic weapon. Someone actually made a spreadsheet a while ago that gives a lot of the gear increase abilities (though I can’t say how up to date it is)
Gear/item progression chart?

As for the level of your opponent, some people (like @retsamerol ) choose to keep their character level low by not spending the gold to upgrade them, and instead spending it on gear upgrades. So, you could be fighting a level 10 with the gear of a level 17.

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It’s the level of the weapon that matters… not your level. I don’t remember exactly where it goes up but definitely higher than level 2

Thanks guys. I was wondering how I was fighting 10th lvl guys with lvl 3 legendary weapons.

As a follow up question. It seems every time some one cast dominate on one of my guys when he attacks it “ALWAYS” triggers any special attack that guy has (ie. the barb attacks twice or the wizard attack hits 3 people) and my miss ratio seems to be about 5 to 1.

I am a level 11 bard with a 2x dominate. It lasts sometimes 3 turns depending on the characters saving roll.

@Spella68, you are likely finding your success/failure rates are being impacted by the event matchmaking algorithm. Due to the matchmaking mechanics failure/succes rates are disproportionately unfavorable for PvP Event players when matched against Battle Mode players who generally have a much higher Battle Mode trophy Count, usually with higher level heroes and items.

@PrestonSJ. The duration of dominate is determined by the level of the specific item (ie. Bards’s Epic Lute - at level 7 increases the duration from 2 to 3 turns). The Bard’s hero level is irrelevant to the duration of effects. JustPassingThru linked an item progression chart above for assistance.

However, this being said, the duration of effects can be reduced by player actions. Many items can dispel various effects. For instance if your opponent has a cleric with Rare Boots, movement will result in the removal of all negative effects from his/her heroes, including Dominate.