Dominate in the current update

A lot of upset in the community about how this works now. Nothing that I saw from you Devs on if this is a bug. Would be nice to know.

We can’t damage characters we have dominated on the other team, sometimes. Seems to be related to which weapon. We can damage our own characters that have been dominated. Again, with which weapon.

Not sure what you were actually shooting for here.

In DnD of course we can damage our own characters. It a major part of the game. I understand you felt the need to address the negative feedback about a Dominate being OP. Something is screwy though. Only an issue with Tommus was mentioned in your notes as not being able to hit his own team.

I’m going to take a wild guess and say all of this was unintended and a coding glitch fixing Tommus. Any comments would be appreciated. Are you working on this? Any idea when a fix might come down? If I missed this in other posts, I apologize. I searched but couldn’t find that if you did.