Unbalanced skill. It cost ne 2 fights back to back.

Computer chooses your adventures, so having a counter is many times NOT possible and coupled with the initiative randomness once dominate is applied correctly, its a very, very, very unbalanced fight. In these 2 cases both losses simply by dominate. Both opponents I would beat 8-10 times.

I never have or will about those skills bro…just cleanse it sounds great bro, but it isn’t often reality bro.

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@JImbolya18 perhaps it is all a ruse to goad us into using dominate, and then it turns out their whole party has restore.

Restore defeats dominate, but you know that right @Khmer

(Or you might not use weapons powerful enough to wipe out your own party when dominated lol, that may be news to you)

Make sure to record the fight you two so we can all enjoy it!

@khmer 8 character team: 8 characters that have restore or immunity gear. Not putting a character in your line up or not equipping the right gear for PvP is on you. Not knowing how to play the game is on you. Not being max level on you. Losing players in your guild and not being able to recruit replacements… Guess what? Take a look in the mirror and figure out how to play. Almost any player in the top 40 could be number one for trophies if they simply focus on it. I recommend learning how to play this game before complaining. I would not be surprised if you post on how it’s too hard to level characters…


@khmer I would have agreed with your post if it was about 9 months ago - before basically every melee character got a restore option, and they started adding new heroes with auto restore options.

While I probably wouldn’t phrase it quite as directly as @JImbolya18, I do agree with the sentiment that learning to use these combos and incorporating them into your PVP strategy is a key part of winning.

@Fizbanius mentioned in another thread that his 95 game winning streak was broken when his Saarvin got dominated, and fury bracers proc’d twice. Yep, sometimes it just can’t be avoided. BUT, I am 99.99% sure that that was not the first time someone in his party got dominated in the streak - it was just the first time it happened and he could do nothing about it.

So I agree, getting 1 battle where you can’t do anything about it - it happens - just as it happened to Fizbanius and all of us. But if it happened back to back - that probably means your party is not prepared appropriately.

If you do genuinely want to make your party more dominate-resistant, or engage this overall topic seriously - I encourage you to post what lineup you were dealt for each of those battles and if you remember, what turn order the dominate happened. We used to do this inside our guild to help train up our new guild mates, and almost always found there were a few pieces missing.


So far I’ve resisted the urge to equip all my characters with restore. You want to push back and root my characters? Fine. I’ll sit there, duke it out, and win anyway. Personally I dislike restore, except on Hal of course. It just seems so lame to have to have one slot on every character dedicated to do just one thing…I’m glad someone else thinks so to.

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Dominate is just fine in its current state. Lots of characters can cleanse or you just modify your strategy to account for it. You cant win every match and sometimes things are out of your hand no matter the correct strategy. However I have won matches where I had no cleanse and got dominated and attacked my own party for 2 rounds. You gotta learn to adjust and play smarter. I am not the best pvp person in the world and make mistakes often but even when you do everything right this is still a game of percentages and order of attack that can make you win or lose matches no matter what you do.


Dominate is by far the most powerful debuff imo. The party is essentially 3 v 5 with a missed turn to add to the misery. I have noticed, and others in my guild too, that it misses a lot more than it used to and there are also many more misses in general of many attacks. I don’t understand why Ludia made this change and it was not announced.

Bards Dominate does get Resisted often. Would really like to know what the percentage chance heroic resistance gives in PvP to avoid Dominate,Stun,Disarm, and immobile. My Dominates get resisted so often I swap Calli out of Battle Roster occasionally cause having a wasted turn is often just a loss.

I’m also very curious if Pikel’s Dominate when hit trinket has Heroic Resistance applied to it. It seems like it does not, it procs the Dominate when hit very effectively even when it’s only leveled to 35% chance. Have had 2 of opponents heroes dominated simultaneously which seems like it should be Really hard to do this if there’s only a 35% chance to proc plus another XX% for Heroic Resistance. And things on the screen happen so fast it’s tough to see if the “Resist” text pops up or if the when hit ability just didn’t proc.

Anyone seen the Resist text pop up from Pikel’s epic Trinket: when hit dominate?

I don’t currently have Pikel, but did notice the resist pop up during the recent warrior draft. I was definitely looking for it, as i remembered a previous post lamenting it wasnt proc-ing as often as expected. Someone there made the same conclusion, it was indeed proc-ing, just being resisted.

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Dominate ruins the game. End of story. Especially with pikel.
I have had 3 characters dominated busy pikel and bard on a few occasions.
Just not enjoyable.
If it escalates as more people develop pikel I’m gonna stop playing.


Jarlaxle also has a Dominate he can apply with a weapon.

You apparently are not at the point where you have to slot restore items to be successful. You will be sooner or later. Restore is necessary to complete pve in Lightbringer and pvp against players whose items have leveled to the % point where they proc debuffs the majority of the time.

I realize I’m just repeating what so many better players have said above. I’m just trying to emphasize the point to you that although Dominate is a nasty spell, the cure for that is nothing more than what a player should already be doing to progress in the game.

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Level 18 and 17s. Finished lightfinger ages ago.
Dominate makes you carry restore but there are few options for restore and all have a significant cost in other ways .
It unbalances the game. Most importantly it takes agency away which stops it being fun

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As I no longer bother equipping my heroes specifically for PvP, I am often less prepared with restore / debuff abilities. However, even with this reduced preparedness I speculate dominate only negatively impacts 1 to 2% of my battles. Proper use of even limited debuff and restore abilities, combined with knowledge of how to manipulate the battle often renders dominate effete.

While I concede I do not know how dominate effects players at other levels and agree it can be bothersome to lose consecutive battles due to dominate, I find this limited ability is far less potent than many others.

[Edit: After a long run of ineffective new heroes including Jarlaxle and Joppa, I understand they have temporarily overpowered Pikel to encourage early adoption. Omce the potential revenue stream ends it is likely he will be nerfed.]

It’s different now with pikel. Bard dominate can easily win a match - especially if you get rogue and opponent doesn’t have restore (paladin, cleric) but with pikel you can have bard and two other heroes dominated.
You just have no agency. It’s not fun. You lose.
There should be a limit on the number of donminates that can he in place.
I would prefer to get rid of it completely, again as it’s not fun. I don’t mind stun etc but turning my carefully prepped heroes on each other…it’s annoyomg when it was just the bard. Now with pikel it’s worse. Enough to stop me playing if it continues and pikels get stronger and more common

Lemonfarmer - i use dominate because it helps me defeat much higher opponants, which is all i ever encounter.
However i also leave naomlen off my battle roster, always. Having her dominated first round means i lose two heroes 90% of the time.

Just thought of something … if Naomlen is dominated, and hits Pikel … Would pikels dominate ability dominate her back to my team?? :rofl::rofl:

Lols. I wish. I don’t know how the game chooses what character they attack, but some seem to be fixated on Pixel, staying dominated until he is dead. If I have the chance of course I try to move him out of range, or not.

Immunity doesn’t cure any ills. That would be a big step. Restore seems our only option. I’m using more gear for restore. This completely negates all the other gear for those slots I’ve had fun with. Why have it at all? Only time I have to have fun with it is Pve in dungeons where Dominate is not a factor. Those lower dungeons are pretty much cake walks anyway.

It’s been mentioned before. Retool the lower dungeons. Make harder tiers. Add some monster skill changes (not dominate heh). Adjust rewards. (Even a tiny bit will do)

First ever match against KhmerKrusher, guess which ability they use lol

As a matter of fact, @LanMandragoran if someone hits Pikel while dominated and his Philter triggers, whoever hit him is put back to 2 more rounds of being dominated. Isn’t the most fun, haha.