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Dominate on counter attackers

Previously I noticed that if I dominated fighter while he had retaliate on with his flaming weapon I could kill the entire team by simply whipping fighter with basics (he’d use his retaliate on his team).

Just now I noticed that he seemed just as likely to hit me back as others on his team

Kind of makes sense that he mindlessly hits out in any direction

Further when someone else was dominated and hit him, he retaliated against my players.

Anyone else seen this?

Hmm I will watch closer

I have seen in the past where the counterattack will sometimes hit the dominated players team and some the opposing team but I have never really noticed If it was random or if each happened with specific scenarios

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Interesting that it’s random. The first time he hit my own team on counterattack, I just assumed he always hits his own team. I started running his restoration flask and never looked back. He has multiple ways to gain counterattack. Might want to investigate if one item is bugged. Making it appear random. That stupid bard is my least favorite character, probably because mines broke and misses 50% of the time. Was so glad when paladin took over that roster spot.

I like my bard when I actually get to use him against the other team. However that chance seems to pale compared to the chance that she will be dominated and used against my own team

It depends on if the dominated fighter is holding the legendary weapon and its basic attack special procs.

If it doesn’t it hits the attacking character.

If it does, the chain damage attack hits his teammates.

If the fighter isn’t holding a weapon that doesn’t do chain damage (i.e. not the legendary weapon), then he will always attack the character that did damage.

I had already reported something similar for the epic weapon, as every time my Tommus carried out a counter attack whilst dominated, the ac bonus went to the other team.

Also had a dominated character hitting Tommus with a legendary weapon and him randomly counter attacking against my team.

Yea if Cleric with thighbone is dominated, he will attack his own team, but give yourself a random death ward :smiley: