Far too powerful!
Once dominated, a weak team can beat a far stronger one with one simple successful click.

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It can be inconvenient for sure, but until it is leveled up so that it lasts more than one round that’s really all it is.

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Can only be used by a underpowered character.
Has a long cooldown.
Can be resisted in pvp.
Can’t actually control who to attack.

It’s balanced.


I believe that in a bad situation dominate can certainly be powerful. If you dominate a rogue that’s got 4 swings and the rest of his team is full of casters he could easily take out 2 of his teammates and you lose the ability to use that rogue for two turns. Also that rogue can hit a warrior pretty hard and then get killed, or severely weakened by the counter attack. Then there are times when a weak character gets dominated and doesn’t really cause much damage at all. It can be pretty random. To call something overpowered I would think it needs to be consistently strong, not almost entirely situational

I think dominate may be broken when fighting Qholillaron… so, Q isnt affected by taunt. Even while taunting he can attack whoever. That’s cool. However when he casts dominate, the dominated character also ignores taunt… is that correct?

Well it would make sense that if someone can’t be taunted that someone they are controlling or “dominating” would not be effected by it either.

Does restore eliminate dominate?

Yes it does, unless they dominate your healer, then you are still scr*wed because you can’t restore!

Yeah. Discovered that restore works in my next battle!

Dominating the healer might not be bad. One turn of no heal plus… I gotta say… he hits hard!

When I used dominate i almost always tried to use it against the healer

Yep. If you can keep Halbanet from casting Regenerate the battles get a lot easier. Plus he does decent damage.

decent is an understatement.
For me, He 1 shot anyone except tanks or who have the block (50% dmg reduction) on the first turn.

I do user the dominate on the healer (only halbernet) but if the archer is present, then I try for him after the restore, since he has a chance to wipe the entire enemy team with his bow proc.

This spell just sucks. Cal went before my whole team, succeeded on a level 8 rogue in a party of mixed 8s and 9s, one shot my cleric on rogues turn and one shot my mage the next. Would suck less if cleric cleanse wasn’t such a stat gimp to use. More selection on abilities would be nice, especially when defending against spells like this garbage fire of am op ability. I know spells can fail and miss ooorrr whatever but when my own damage dealer kills half my team, and I only got to move one of them, it’s just bs. Maybe we’re could hit our own dominated character to break it?

Yeah… had my healer dominated for the first time. And yeah… took out two of my characters. Still managed to take out three with what I had left, before losing, but damn!

Dominate is balanced. Bard dps is slightly lower than her counterparts, she is mostly support, until she is fully geared. Dominate is probably the second best ability in the game offensively- next to Disintegrate by Wizard.

Dominate effectively expands your team by one, and reduces your opponents’ team by one, so 5-3 at start of battle. As such, if you instantly eliminate another of their team members, the disparity becomes say, 5-2. If the dominated party then kils off another, its now 5-1. Pvp ends very fast.

Dominate also makes farming places like Heartcoil super easy, generally each initial room (1,4,7) will have an easy battle, and each room before boss (2, 5,8) will have the harder enemies. In those hard rooms, I hit the most strategic mob with dominate and watch them ruin the enemy progress. In the early rooms (except 1) I walk off the downtime making sure dominate is available, whenever possible.

The Bard’s utility (disarm from legendary, aoe healing, etc)makes her super useful. The fact that dominate is also Epic and not Legendary makes it super easy to farm ,one u get a dungeon update that allows the item to be farmed. Best use of gold tbh when that occurs.

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Complete nonsense

It’s funny how you call it balanced but then state all of the reasons it is more powerful than most

Dominate a thief for example, he often kills 2 of his teamates AND all the while losing 2 of his own turns in the process…RIDICULOUS!
And of course I am able to use it too, still just R-I-D-I-C-U-L-O-U-S

It’s all about timing and luck…yes often the thief kills 1 or two but if you have taunt before they cast dominate it won’t get the thief. Also the thief only has a 50 percent chance of being in your team, assuming you have all 8 or 9 characters

if you are afraid of DOMINATION, use RESTORE like cleric’s rare boots (or paladin’s legendary holy symbol) or TAUNT