if dominant ally attack Tommus who has legendary weapon, he takes revenge on your enemies! lol

if your paladin who has epic ring taunted, in next turn she will have a 75% chance to restore herself

It’s all about luck and timing. If they dominate you and you act before the character with restore has a chance that doesn’t help. There is a huge element of luck to this game that people can’t seem to deal with

if a bard is there, preparing for domination is a basic strategy.

frankly speaking i didn’t trust DOMINATION because of high resistance, RESIST too often
so my roaster has no bard (#4 Airborne)

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Yeah I don’t use dominate much anymore either. Like you said the resist, especially if they still have the opening block, is just to high, and I hate wasting any shot I know might be low percentage


i think so.

DOMINATION is too powerful CC, but has high risk.
so i think it’s balanced
honestly i got EYEBITE(disarm) more annoyed than Domination :woozy_face:

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