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Dominated = Legal Target

Just had a game where I dominated my opponent’s character.
Next turn they attacked with Saarvin, and his Legendary bow proc’d hitting all enemies, including the Dominated char right next to him!
Next turn Farideh used Immobile on all enemies and the Dominated character was immobilized too.

Is this the new normal for Dominated characters?

I had a similar situation. My Shevarith was dominated by enemy Calliopi. On my Farideh turn, I moved her with her movement/attack boots on. The movement/attack ended up hitting my dominated Shevarith and killing her…

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Dominated foes seem to participate as team members now. Area effects you use against opponents don’t hit their dominated toons as well.


I dominated a character. Saar refused to target them for attack with his bow but Jar didn’t seem to have a problem killing them with his Epic.

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Same here. Dominated person is not an enemy now.

Dominated character did not get injured by wizard Silverhand.

@ludia is this intentional? Changes balance considerably.

Had A Pikel with Epic weap that can hit all enemies with opponents Tommus with taunt /counter attack dominated and he was the only toon in middle row. Pikel was able to target the Tommus (I think cause the taunt) the hit all enemies proc-ed and it seemed like it hit all other toons but Tommus except that the Tommus gained AC when hit from bracers trinket even tho he took no damage and I didn’t miss. Really weird. If a dominated toon can be targeted by melee characters then they should receive damage if their when hit abilities can still work. Or it’s a bug with how the new dominate works still allowing dominated chars when hit items to give effect even though they are not legal targets while dominated.

My experience with dominate.
Multiple target attacks by me hit my dominated char every time… ranger axes tommus sword etc
Randon attack like farideh move also hit my dominated character

I lose turns when Saarvan targets a dominated toon. He goes to shoot, stops, and it’s the opponent’s turn again. I don’t see how this is not a glitch…


To piggyback on the weird dominate stuff…my Tommus was dominated and when I moved my Hal he attacked Tommus w his random move attack. Can’t be right.

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@Froth all hero’s with any kind of move proc even if it’s supposed to go to a random opponent get auto locked onto your own dominated party member. Saarvins Common move give 75% Ac debuff. Warlocks Move do a ranged attack up to 2 zones away will somehow heat seek onto your own dominated party member even though there’s 4 other options of opponents for it to “randomly target”.
I agree this has to be a bug.

Before the update, dominated party members use to proc at unusual rates… I don’t see this as being a bug either. Nothing says d&d emulation more than killing charmed party members, and not attacking the enemy.

I hope this change is a bug. Attacks not registering is no fun at all.

Attacking your own team when you are NOT dominated is just stupid. Fix it.


Dominate does have a strange behaviour. My experience has been that if another of my party members is dominated and Tommus has Taunt/Counterattack up then dominated member has to attack Tommus who then counters against dominated hero but also 2 of their team members. One time amusingly killing 2 of their team as I’d cast Faridehs -50% defence debuff on them but leaving my team mates alive. A spectacular backfire for them.

The update changed how dominate works. Seems like a mistake. My guess is they tried to fix the issue with a dominated Tom that people complained about for months and the fix broke other things. They mentioned in the update notes they were fixing that dominated Tom issue.