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Still, all by itself, unfairly determining the outcome of battles!

When you balanced out the characters last time, you apparently forgot about the most unbalanced skill in Warriors of Waterdeep.

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@Khmer, there were a number of changes made in a recent update to nerf the effect of dominate.
Significantly. a number of items were altered to counter or dispel its effects. It may be beneficial to review the gear you are using for Battle Mode as some previously unfavorable items may now be more desirable.

Unfortunately, because the specific alterations were not clearly identified in the update notes, many players seem unaware of these changes. In the video linked below Pistol Pete discusses some features of the update. I am uncertain but it is possible the alterations are mentioned therein.

[Edit: I have not confirmed the facts stated in the video; I added the link only because it may provide some useful information regarding the Balance and Bounty Update, of which some players may remain unaware]

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Dominate is powerful, as it should be. It is far from over-powered. Unless my opponent’s Bard goes first it rarely factors into the battle. I’d Dominate were nerfed in any way I doubt I’d ever use the Bard so I think they have Dominate right where it needs to be.

When dominated my players ALWAYS deliver more powerful hits than they do when not dominated, save for the rare critical that I score. I respectfully disagree.

Also, most of the time it’s the Calliope dominating Naomlen and she shreds through two players in a row. This happened time and time again in this ToM.

I hear what you and some others have said about it being balance and fair, so happy for you that you aren’t getting the crap luck. Seems like a majority aren’t in your position.


Also, how do you decide to use the bard? I have no control over my lineup other than the 8 slots for roster. My Nayeli is too low to add and I wouldn’t keep choking up gems for Jarlaxle.

Additionally, I switched my Calliope to the Kill option because my dominate only works about 1 in 12 times (closely equal to my win rate in battle). My kill works about 1/2 the time.

Sounds like your “luck” is way better than mine! Perhaps I’ve been sabotaged for complaining too much. I just want to enjoy the experience more but only seems to be getting worse.

Dominate is over powered. While there many characters that can negate its effects its still easy to end up with a roster that cant dispel it, and if you are stuck with a dominated character for 3 rounds it is basically a wipe

I leveled up my Nayeli so that is how I have an option. It isn’t luck to: 1) Use Taunt on fighter, barbarian or paladin with Restore possibilities; 2) equip paladin or cleric with Restore items; 3) use Push on bard to give your team multiple attacks to kill her before she can dominate you.

Every so often she starts early and you get dominated. Every so often a lot of things happen that make it harder on you. That’s the nature of the game. When I see a bard on the opposing team it changes my strategy but doesn’t make me think it is hopeless.

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Yep. I’ve tried many combinations to varying degrees of success. You don’t have to call it luck but I will. I’ve created a whole table of ideal matchups and to no avail. Consistently losing initiative, miss after miss, rare criticals for my players unless they are dominated. This is crap luck at its finest.

Gotcha. Sorry to hear of your bad luck and hope you still enjoy the game. Maybe with the new season things will turn around for you.

Dominate is too punitive. Losing 2 turns AND being allowed to have the dominated hero proc is too big of a swing. In addition, counterattacks should NOT hit your own team when the dominated hero attacks when active. This does not make sense and this is poor programming. When teams are random, you cannot argue to “remove” dominate when the random heroes chosen don’t have a way to remove it. A dominated tank hero minimizes damage, but you still lose 2 turns. Dominate needs to be changed, most likely nerfed.

Based on the comments it seems the majority of those concerned about dominate may be lower level players. Even when items are improved to extend dominate’s duration to three turns, dominate normally has little impact on my properly equipped heroes, as such, I assume dominate must seem to have a stronger effect on inadequately equipped or lower level heroes.

Additionally, unlike some heroes, those with dominate are easy to kill. Also, they are unable to eliminate my entire party with one-shot. I would much prefer to face a maxed-out Calliope than a well equipped Shevarith or Saarvin.

My only concern about Dominate is Tommus’ attack proc on his epic weapon. Using his legendary, you get Taunt and Counterattack. When he is attacked while dominated and the counterattack procs, the effect goes to the opponent’s team. I vaguely remember that the procs on counterattacks go to the Tommus player’s team while the procs on his normal attacks whiles dominated go to the opponent’s team.

Can someone verify if this is the case?

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I believe it’s if he is individually targeted that he counter on his own team. AoE and he hits the opponent

Fight determined solely by dominate.
That’s ludicrous ludia!

I think dominate is brutal against characters lv 8 to 10. My party are mostly lvl 11 and it seems to work less often Now, and depending on party makeup, i now have answers to it. Still, dominated thief is a nightmare. I try to dominate theirs before my thief puts my bard to the knife.

As each teams are randomly selected, there is no answer for it…you either get the right matchup, hope you resist or place your head between your legs and kiss your butt goodbye… and my team btw are all 15 lvl and same crud.

You not only have two or three, depending on dominate lvl, members either killed or significatly weakened, you also lose the dominated character for those turns…QUITE ABSURD!

That is nonsense!

Hopefully we meet, because that response is silly

@khmer, your terse response to my comment is unclear. All you have said is

i am not certain what you find nonsensical about my post. My post was a simple summation of personal experiences intertwined with comments shared by others players here in the forums over the past few months. As I would certainly like to know what ‘nonsense’ is included in my comment, I would appreciate if you could elaborate further.

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7 characters can prevent the opponent’s Bard from efficiently dominating your party on 1st turn, and 2 can undominate another member. That’s enough counters. :slight_smile:

I’ve won several times 4-0 against an opponent who had one of my party member dominated.