Dominating middle line in pvp

I feel this is a very cheap tactic in arena battles, just put people there, keep them healed and boom, you win from max hp decrease, I can see where it can be helpful to kill dead locks but it’s a really cheap tactic

Yup, totally agreed. Lost battles due to lower level player because they happen to go first and took the mid line, healing through the fight. With taunt so it’s basically deadlock. There needs to be a forfeit button in PvP

A forfeit buttons would be very welcome. I can’t imagine a use case where such a thing would be exploitable.

Against bot-operated parties lv 12-14, I feel like I have a good fighting chance. However, I know I can’t beat the computer’s lv 16 teams, so when I see those, I’ll just walk away and do something else while the computer kills me, or close the app entirely.