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Domination and Battle Mode

Serious bug causes game to lock up, and ultimately forces you to lose your current fight in battle mode.

It seems whenever a 2 turn domination is used on an opponent, and after 1 turn the dominated hero becomes the only hero left in the opposing team, the game just sits there, the preform no action and then it never becomes my turn again.

I’ve sat and tapped everywhere on the screen, the only that is working is sending an emote. I’ve sat like this for close to 10mins before to see if it will finally catch up but never does. The ONLY option is to force close the game and reconnect.

However it seems every time I reconnect and it ‘returns to the match in progress’ because the games internal timer, etc is still running you ALWAYS end up losing. Even when it was 4v1 because it assumes you’re not taking actions so just steps forward/skips turn.

This has happened every time I cast domination on a sole surviving hero in battle mode, can’t confirm but appears to only be related to having domination upgraded to last 2 turns and occurs during the second turn.

Hey Kryhavok, I’m sorry that happened during your battle. Could you reach out to our support team here at with your support key and device information so our team can gather more information for their investigation? Thanks!

I did, thank you. They sent a reply that the bug is known and being addressed right now…however in the mean time I should “not use that ability”. Well that’s kinda hard to do with the way the roster works, forcing X number of heroes based in my renown level, I have no choice but to include Calliope in battle mode…so I either down grade her by equipping lower level gear, or don’t play battle mode at all because the only other hero I have to swap in her place is 5 levels lower than the average of the rest of my party because was just unlocked.