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Dominator Finishes

Everybody has their first time finishing in Dominator. But till then, everybody wonders how to get there, I am sure for those who are frequently on the forums will see many new players seeking their place at the top. So this is going to be a guide for how to finish in Dominator.

  1. Remember that the Opponents are always bots, many new players here on the forums are shocked to know this but this is true, so you can conveniently play against them the same way you play against bots in PvE Events. Don’t get tricked by the illusion of PvP!

  2. Getting a deep line up, the more creatures you have at your disposal for battling, the more Trophies you can earn. A deep lineup with moderately strong creatures works wonders over a very shallow lineup with three superpower creatures.

  3. Ferocity - you only need creatures varying in ferocities between Level 10 VIPs - Level 40 Regular Legendaries/Level 20 VIPs. (Do not rely fully on level 10 VIPs unless they are not your best creatures or you have a very deep lineup of those, level 20 VIPs undoubtedly work wonders).

  4. Cooldown - If you do not have a Deep Line-Up, if your creatures have short cooldowns, you can still battle more frequently, hence allowing you more trophies.

  5. Sometimes when you’re on your last creature, the bot gets stuck in a pattern where it goes for 3 attack and 1 block ,this allows you to build up reserves and hence change the tides.
    So do not quit the match Mid-Game,you might win. (I find usually the AI does this once you can be one hit KOd). Still, do not fully rely on this since the AI sometimes catches you in the pattern and goes for 1 reserve unexpectedly.

  1. To secure a Dominator finish,at times you can stick to the bottom of Dominator/Top Predator. And when the tournament is about to get over, you can sneak in to the bottom of Dominator, it will give you an upper hand.

  2. There is nothing wrong with falling back I to predator if your team can’t win Dominator matches. Stay in Predator until the end and then push into Dominator at the end so that way the majority of your matches will be in Predator and should be slightly easier.

  3. The tournaments pace is generally slower during Friday/Saturday. It speeds up during Weekends in most cases. Sionsith/Chris is always there to save the Day if we need to know what is the bottom of Dominator most likely going to finish around.

  4. When you bring too weak of a line up, the bot punishes you by giving you really tough matchups, so bring appropriate line ups to battle.

9a. Another way the AI punishes you for a too-weak lineup is by giving you a battle that with a little luck you might win, but then demonstrating Psychic AI Syndrome, where the AI appears to know how many points you spend in block versus reserve

  1. There are certain line ups which perform better in dominator than others,

Herbivore-Amphibian-Carnivore (my favorite)
Herbivore-Amphibian- Herbivore

The last 4 line ups I mentioned specialise in the Cross Class Strategy, which is where, 1 creature counters the others weakness, for example, a Carnivore is weak to a Amphibian, so a pterosaur in between the carnivores counters the amphibian.

You can also go in with 2 level 1 commons alongside 1 stronger creature such as a level 10 Super Rare Superhybrid,or something of a similar ferocity.

  1. If you use a weaker Line Up to take on a stronger Line-Up,you get more trophies.

  2. Use your first creature as a meat shield, a creature which can sacrifice itself to build up reserves for your next creatures, generally good meat shields have a health to attack ratio of 3:1 or 4:1, the next 2 creatures can be balanced or glass cannons, Glass cannons have a high attack and low health, and for Balanced, the name says it all.


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