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Dominator Goals

So I have made it to position 70 of Dominator League with 497 trophies in the Brachiosaurus tournament. My best team is two level 10 Indominus, and level 16 Eolambia & level 16 Eudimorphodon.

I have faced quite a lot of opponents with 4K+ health and 2K+ attack, but some other players with similar lineups like mine have reached dominator without spending bucks a lot (I spent around 2K or so).

Do you have any tips to stay in Dominator without speeding up, for a player with creatures like the ones I mentioned above? I already have 5.4K bucks now and wish not to spend further on this tournament unless absolutely needed.

At least till 10 hours before the Tournament ends, do you have any tips to stay in Dominator without speeding up creatures? What I am asking for is a good combination of these 3 creatures (I can make the VIPs to level 20 and Indom to level 11+ if need be) to get a good score without the hit-and-trial method? Mostly I had to speed up because I faced a hard opponent and had to retry.

The average cooldown for this team is 4-6 hours. Please suggest a combo with these 3 i.e which to use as meat shield, which as glass cannon and which to finish with. I’ve mostly faced carnivores and herbivores, eventually amphibians and very minimal pterosaurs.

Basically what I mean is, suggest a good tactic and position (i.e which creature should go first, which second and which third) for me to win at least 70% of my matches without spending bucks.

I know, my team is stronger than Predator finishes but a little weak for safe Dominator finishes. So I needed a tactic with minimal expenditure. PS I also have a level 10 Baryonyx if that may help.

There’s two ways of going about this.
The first is to put all your eggs in one basket (all your besties in one team) and hope for the best.

The second is to split them up into 2 or even 3 teams, that are slightly less powerful than your strongest.

I’m pretty sure most of us favour the latter method. If possible, see what other creatures you can create or fuse, even if they’re just meat shields, or are of types that favour your more powerful creatures.
For example, a Pterosaur like Tapejalosaurus complements Indominus well, since it attracts herbivores and repels amphibians.

As for team arrangements, I think the best way is to arrange them from start to finish in increasing order of attack damage, but their types take priority (for example, if your glass cannon is a herbivore, use an amphibian before it, if your tank is a herbivore, use an amphibian after it).

If you can manage to get 2 meat shields, then you can make two teams: 1)meat shield, Eudimorph, Baryonyx
2)meat shield, Indominus, Eolambia

Indominus has a good amount of health too, so if you can manage to get a glass cannon instead of a meat shield, you can be flexible with the order.

I think that covers it. All the best!

Is this a good team?

Postosuchus level 40 (meat shield), Eolambia level 16 and Indominus level 10?

Postasuchus lvl 40 , a meat shield? That shiuld be at the last and should be used as a glass cannons. But it has very less winning chance in dominator, use lvl 30 legendaries, i would suggest 2 teams-

  1. Lvl 10 Mastadonosaur, 10 Eolambia, 10 Bryonyx
  2. i rex 10 , lvl 10Eudimorphodon, i rex 10

I suggest thus method because evrn if the ai has advantage over your first dino, you can save 4 reserves for your next dino, tgat has an advantage over the Ai.

I mostly use this tactic and it pay off

Unfortunately my only hope of getting an amphibian is to buy another SG pack :frowning:

You don’t hav a mostadonosaur?

Moreover, forgot to mention, Lambia and EDM are at level 16 now.

Nope :frowning: best amphi is Postosuchus at 40.

Thats ok for now, but u hav to face the very imbalanced pvE

Don’t worry, by the next CoT I will have Megalosaurus, T-Rex and Ichthyostega at level 30.

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Well thats good. But wait till the tournament ends and at the ladt minute, enter in dom. Dont spend now!

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Really, you sure? What if the last day is exceptionally tough?..

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Nope it wont be, coz when u slip in predator, the matches would be easy so u win more and u get mire. But the last day is hard for thise who have very less trophies, if you hav more than 1300 at the last day, you r fine

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Okay… currently I have 497. Tomorrow night IST I will need a lot more to win, how many trophies do you have now?

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609 trophies

Oh… looks like, as always, we are in the same boat xD

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I don’t know why we are always on the same boat xD :joy::joy::joy:

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Looks like I’m a lot behind…at 406. Facing impossible matchups in friggin Predator.

Predator is a lot easy, I did no lose any match in predator, however struggling in dom


meanwhile you guys are trying to finish in dominator, I am trying to finish in predator for the first time.

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