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Do you think I can make it to Dominator in the Brachiosaurus tourney with level 20 VIPS? Eolambia and Eudimorphodon are my current level 10 VIPs which I have two of. Do you think on the last day of the Tourney if I make it to level 20 can I get into Dom? I also have a level 6 Indominus and level 3 Indominus which I can make upto 10 for this. Do you feel I can make it to Dom??.. I have around 8K bucks so cooldown won’t be a big issue.

I use level 20 VIPs as the top end of my tournament lineup, so yes finishing in Dominator League is certainly possible. If those are all you’ve got it’s going to be a constant grind. Plus, you’re liable to wreck your PVE for some time.

I think you would be better served leaving them at level 10. You’ll have to grind harder to get the Dominator wins, but you won’t wreck your lineup. Once upon a time, I started my Dominator runs with level 40 Common Hybrids. It comes down to number of battles. If you battle enough, you’ll get some winnable battles.


@Andy_wan_kenobi So you’re saying I can safely finish in Dominator with level 20 VIPs and not slip into the last few ranks at the end? Or is an attainable 60 or 70 spot with them?

Ya it is certainly possible with lvl 20 VIPs but u would wreck your PVE for quite some time at @Andy_wan_kenobi said, I’m better off finishing in dominator with the lvl 10 vips which I have 4

If you only would have two level 20s, I would say it’s going to be tough because you would constantly need those dinos to win a match. I’ve finished in Dominator (just barely usually) in the last several tournaments and I don’t have any level 20 VIPs. I only have one that I merged to level 16, the rest are level 10s. Eolambia is a great glass cannon to put second behind an Amphibian meat shield (I use two level 30 Nundagosaurus’ with 1600+ health), then back them up with a balanced Carnivore (I tend to use a Spinoraptor). You could also use another Amphibian at the end instead since you tend to get a lot of Carnivores.

I usually reverse it though and use an Herbivore meat shield since those tend to have a lot of Health. Then back him up with my level 10 VIP Prestosuchus and finish it off with a balanced Carnivore (again, usually a level 20 Spinoraptor or
level 10 Rajastega). I have some higher ferocity dinos than those, but they tend to be my best combination.
Sorry for the long reply. I’m just basically saying it may not be necessary to level up your VIPs yet. I think it depends on the rest of your lineup.

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Well I have two potential level 10 Indominus Rexes. Will those guarantee me a better position?

Like I said, it depends on the rest of your lineup. If you have meat shields and glass cannons, I line to put my balanced Carnivores in the back to finish off the AI.

But I would listen to @Andy_wan_kenobi he’s been playing and finishing in Dominator far longer than I have. I just make it into Dominator and that’s only been the last 4-5 tournaments or so. Use the meat shield to build up points then sacrifice him, kill 1st guy and block or sacrifice if you can’t guarantee survival (I also sacrifice if my last guy has an advantage on the last two). Then clean up with your last guy who should have a move advantage and hopefully you blocked just enough (or saved just enough making the AI think your blocking) with your second guy to make the AI use all his moves.


Yes 2 lvl 10 indominus would do great, and it won’t totally imbalance your PvE

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So I know what to do now. I will fuse my Eolambias and Eudimorphodons on the last day of the tourney, and make the Indominus level 10 at the last few minutes and use bucks for cooldown.

Level 10 VIPs perform extremely well ,so I would never make the move! I faced a level 1 eolombia yesterday,and , level 11 alone is a huge jump from 10,so preferably not!

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The latest change in my team:- Ophiacomimus now level 20!

Ya it would work good in your team. I also have a lvl 20 .

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The attack compensates for the health!

Ya, it’s balanced. However, not good at lvl 30, coz with the same DNA, I would buy segnosaurous and it’s quite better than ophi.

Latest addition in my lineup- a pterodactylus. Yay!!!

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Quantity over quality in this situation. 2 lvl 10s are better than a lvl 20 with your current lineup.


OP, the problem is you’ll need at least 40 wins. (Could be higher at this is a new dino.)

Level 20 VIPs can win, but you’ll have to spend a TON of DB buying the cool down back.

If you have 3x Level 20 VIPs (with a cool down about twice that of Level 10 VIP), you’ll have 1/2 as many dinos that fight 1/2 as much. Let’s say they fight 5 times a day. But the Level 10 VIPs can fight 10 times a day and you’ll have twice as many, so 20 times a day.

Would you rather have 5 wins or 20 battles that win 50% of the times (aka 10 wins)?

Either way, fight as much as you can without spending DB. On Sunday afternoon you can see where you are and if you have enough DB to buy back your dinos enough times to still finish in Dom.


But the prob is, will the level 10 VIPs work for a slip-into dom at the last moment? My past experience contradicts this…

I use between L40 T-Rex (my strongest) and just below Level 10 VIPs.

I’m putting up 2000+ trophies by Saturday night.

I win 50-70% of the time.

I have a hoard of dinos to do this. Since they are weaker, they have a short cool down that support battling 3 times a day.

I am all quantity over quality.

I likely battle north of 150 times. (I give up the DOA battles right away. I fight iffy ones as sometimes I can pull them out.)


I will listen to all your advices and make the level 10s as they are.