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Dominator safe trophy count

Hey guys so got my first dom finish last week with lynthorax which was pretty sick considering my lineup allowed me to get to dominator by the skin of my teeth with 1257 trophies which was 7 over Sionsith’s prediction. I believe 1240 was 100th place.

Ive looked at Sionsith’s graphs which were pretty helpful though havent really found a comment on how much trophies are the usual amount to finish dom? Would really help me determine or give me an idea on what Id be capable of atm. I also am not really sure if 1250 is like above or below average trophy count that is safe to be at dom as based on the graphs, difficulty/ trophy count changes based on the tournament creature i believe. so i dont really know if lynthorax was considerably a hard or easy tournament.


New creatures I would aim above 1,500 ideally 1,600