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Dominator Team - Yay or Nay?

I like the Scottish nay


I’d say you would guranteed a Dominator finish if you spent a bit of bucks but not much.


That line up is too small. You need more depth. My line up is a bit weaker than yours, but a LOT deeper. I finish in dominator by Saturday morning or mid day only battling with dinos I want to use (My top is still T-Rex L40).

Remember the math on leveling up dinos: if you have a team of 2 teams of 3 dinos that can fight once every 7 hours and only win in Dom 50% of time, that is 10 battles times 2 teams for 10 wins. If you level them up, you have 1 team in the 10+ hour range that can now only fight 7 times for 7 wins.

Leveling up can actually hurt your overall progress early on. It also makes it hard to complete PvE during Tournaments.

Focus on depth before you level any higher.


@Timmah currently all my good ones are in the 5-hour range, except the level 40 Legendaries and Indominus. The level 20 VIPs have a 5-hour cooldown. I was wondering, how well do level 10 VIPs perform in regular tournaments for mid-top dominator?

My apatosaurus/presto/cancavenator wins about 60% all at level 10.

Only the apatosaurus is a good meat shield. You’d need something else at 1500+ if you don’t have enough apatosaurus.

I tend not to like the 1295/405 varieties and just stick to the glass cannons.

I have an Apato level 10 and two Prestos at level 10, along with a Proceratosaurus.

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Got my second Barry on the Prize wheel. I’m unsure whether to keep two level 10s or make a level 20.

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Cool. I think you should get a lvl 20 though

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I would keep 2 lvl 10s for tournaments. When I have 3 lvl 10s then I would make a lvl 20.


Could you send me your line up?

I know Im definitely not at dominator lvl I know, but i have 2 icthyos and a trex hatching, and I want to know how I can improve my lineup

Even though I’m higher lvl, I definitely don’t have as many hybrids. :neutral_face:
I need to make a stegoceratops very soon.


Well…the primal rage and one of the Super flaffys were from modded pvp, I have 100+ mods

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I really need to grind more modded PVP. I only have gotten like a rare from the wheel.


I keep getting Ophiacodons, you’re not, as Alan Walker says, Alone

Where do you get all the Monolophosauruses?
I need some for Tapejalo.

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I unlocked it

I was only lvl 44 a few days ago…

I can’t remember when was the last Mono unlock event.
I got most of mine from price drops.

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I spent over 7500 Bucks to purchase them.

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