Dominion Journals (Maisie)#1

Date: 9th Jan, 2021
It’s been a long time since the dinosaurs were set free, and nothing so terrible has happened so far, as lately humans have been coexisting peacefully with the dinosaurs. Well, we haven’t had any encounters since all those stuff happened though. Claire’s been trying to get Owen to move to a more “safe” place since right now we’re just living in a caravan in a desolate piece of a cliff. Claire says that since this place is covered with forest, it’s a perfect place for dinosaurs to live. But to tell the truth, I agree, and I’m actually shocked to know that schools and colleges are still open. The good thing is that ever since this all happened, Dr Wu, that crazy geneticist, hasn’t done any crazy things yet. But he might do it anytime in the future. Anyways, that’s all that has happened since the great breakout.

Yea so I’m starting my own journal series to kinda show what I think has happened after Fallen Kingdom. You guys can give your suggestions as well below. Till then, I’ll stop writing for now until the next journal.


dr. wu will not be doing any crazy things anymore he passed away

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We will be seeing this in some time with dominion