Don’t be fooled about the indoraptor


They might let you collect some dna but there is a 0% chance of getting indoraptor unless you pay. Let’s say you get 3 tries you need 250 to unlock it so you need a minimum of 84 dna per launch. Unless you are level 20 have vip and some kind of aimbot( or you are a god) that’s not happening. It probably going to be super hard to hit and as soon as it starts, it will run strait to the edge to escape. This post was made so people don’t get there hopes up. The other option being waiting for 2 years until you collected enough T. rex dna


A good tip is if you think you did poorly when time’s up we can close and reload the game and try again. Been doing that lately with any Epics encountered in the wild as well as the Epic event dinos…


About that, if the dinosaur runs to the edges and it says ‘creature has escaped’, can you still close the game and try again without losing an event attempt?


I normally close before the number of dna we got screen finishes loading - that is, before it loads back to the dino.