Don’t do the trex strike waste of time and your against a level 30


Yea it is level 30 even indominus can’t take him down


I did it whit only a dilonarosaurus at 21 xd


At least I got an epic from the battle arena


“Don’t do” ??? :thinking:

What have you got to lose ??


Same lol


It was I a epic that’s a hard to get


I’m not very far I may have indominus and stegodeus but the trex wrecked meee



And I now see how stegocerotops is hard to beat


I literally just did it with a level 15 mono… A level 15 velociraptor…and a level 16 pyroraptor… Just decrease attack… Then lose with one… Decrease attack… And by the 3rd Dino… You’ll have won… There’s multiple ways to win… That’s just what I did


That’s helpful for next time Im mad cause I don’t have 200 to retry I have to do ads


My grandson beat it for me with a velociraptor, stego and gorgosuchus, all no higher than level 16. Don’t be afraid of that Rex!


it was ez why are you advising not to do it…? i had fun with it and started with irex.


So that’s why u tell other people not to do it bec u couldn’t beat it?


got some great dna from it aswell.


I took him down with a level 15 Stygi and a swapped out raptor. Brought his hp down, sacrificed the raptor, brought Stygi back in, and killed him.


Just play 4 raptors of level 10-15 and pounce your way out


I wanted to see if my stygi could live through it. Turns out it worked better than expected.


I wish I could redo but I don’t have the money


I used Allosaurus.Irex.stegodeus
Got some good DNA even Trex ;0)