Don’t get 6000 trophy at pvp guys

You will fight against people at 11000 trophy.
I was at 6017 and fought the number 2 at 11700+ trophy. (Ludia will tell me it’s only max score showing not current, but I don’t think the guy is at the moment at around 6000 :sweat_smile:)
Ofc with the three unbalanced uniques compso, skoo and scorpius, I couldn’t manage anything. My poor maxima felt stupid.

So ludia could you maybe add an arena at 7000 ? Would be nice.

Ah and be nice not moving my topic into an other one it’s boring.

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The sweet spot is between 5900-6000 trophies (at least once the initial dust from the monthly reset settles). Usually in that range, I face AI about 25% of the time and thus win incubators over 60% of the time.

6000-6100 is the absolute worst spot - with +40/-20 and shores matchmaking, you will win incubators maybe 35% of the time and have a generally miserable experience overall.

You literally have like a 25% higher change of winning the exact same rewards by having 100 less trophies… :man_shrugging:


Just to add on what Remmy said, last weekend of the tourney stock up your DBI’s, break 6K and SIT.
Come reset you start at 5950 and maintain till a good seasonal reward comes up.


And you will beat them now and then with your poor player’s team. Isn’t that beautiful? :star_struck:

What happens when the top players see a new head pop up above the 6000 trophy mark.


Exactly this pic says all :slight_smile:

What a balance game Ludia thanks :heart:

I reach 6000 again and fight this

When will you balance the game ludia ? You don’t care to make something balanced at all ?


I fought the #1 (15000+ trophies) this morning while at 6020. It was a short stay in nublar shores…

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