Don’t know how to spend my coins anymore

With the new update I’m not sure how to spend the coins I have now. My obvious choices were nerfed so not sure to continue to level them. I’ll eventually get Trykosaurus after the next Kentro event but need advice on what to do with these coins. What would you do?
Not really a fan of Megalosuchus so far.
Trystronix is low level. So confused :man_shrugging:

With it’s new buffs and double high-chance stun I would say work on Stegotops (and remove RNG-o-saurs)

I hadn’t even considered that as he was so easy to defeat in the arena but I guess with double 75% chance it’s a bit better. Plus I’ve got DNA for days so could drop my coins there. :thinking:

Eh another tank though. With the bleeders coming I’m not sure this is a great move. I’m not 100% sure which one RNG-o-saurus is Indom or Monomin both have immunity though which is going to be more important. Monomin is probably the first one out now.

My megalo is almost a 25, my favorite by far! Tryo isn’t fussy whether he eats tanks for breakfast, lunch or dinner plus is immune.

My minus is a 19 also and I took him out last night only to have another 19 take out 2 of my guys, Thor was like what just happened…

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Tyrstronix has never lasted more than 2 hits against me though. Sure he takes out a tank but it dies straight away after. I might have to stick with Megalosuchus and hope I can work out how to use it better.

None of the bug munches have nullify so it somehow works in mimus’s favor.

Tryo is a pita to level too

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Yep I’m a day hunter also so it’s pribably not a smart move… it hasn’t stopped me working on Spinotasuchus though. That Dino looks great.

I would lvl that tryo up with its speed could be good counter to the crazy therapods that have been unleashed and cause of immunity will also punish bleeders and as usuall mess up tanks

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I still haven’t created spinota, kapro shortage. I almost did yesterday, but then thought it will be another 16 in that row of the collection lol

Yeah I thought that but I wanna use that swoop move soooo bad.
Swoop into a bleed sia is going to be so glorious when I finally get to pull it off.

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It sucks!!!

What Spinotasuchus?

I think you have a well balanced team, I don’t love trago, but at the level you have him it would be a shame to trade him out?

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I got my spinotasuchus to lvl 18 to test the bleeds it is good if you can double stack the bleeds but swoop alone not that great and has downside of switching in teammate to receive a hit

They definitely did a good job of “balancing” there are no (well less) obvious choices.

No spinotasuchus is awesome!!! Just the move swoop alone not that great

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My spinotasuchus has downed a lvl 26 stegod at lvl 18 lol