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Don’t play the last level of today’s special challenge

It looks like today’s challenge will only pay out 3x the difference between your accumulated experience going in and 5000 which is the max available. So for me this meant I spent 150 gold to get 3x29 IIRC. I could pay 100 gold and play the adventure normally and get more than 29XP. Even at 3x it is only a little more than you’d get for a normal play through. Definitely not worth the extra 50 gold. Just avoid that last play through as it is a bad value for your gold.

You get the full 3x for the last run through, I just did it.

Actually, no, he’s right. You get 29 times 3 instead of the entire 83 times 3

I got a payout of 1500 gold in my messages today. Maybe Ludia is hooking us up because of this?

XP challenges seem to always be capped, while the others (gems & gold) have not been.

Yes, I always completed the other ones this way (getting as close as possible to the cap and them getting the highest reward I can get to exploit it) was kind of surprised it didn’t work that way in XP, will keep that in mind if the future.