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Donate Button Always Greyed Out

Ever since I requested something in guild last night (the first time, primarily just as a test to see how it works), I can no longer donate/give anything, at all, irrespective of whether I have items, or who it is to. Up until last night I had never requested anything and had regularly donated. I have so many excess, redundant commons/rares that I used to give it them away without even checking what the items were. But now, every time a request comes out, the GIVE button is greyed out like in the above image.

Why the hell was this hidden and locked?

Silly question… did you kill/restart the game?

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…that was a silly question.

My “Give” buttons have been greyed out for over a week now. Don’t think there is anything the player can do to ungrey it.

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Hmm, at least I know I’m not the only one this has happened to then. It’s actually starting to suck because it was a nice revenue stream for me; I almost missed out on a legendary because I was 2k gold short and had to scramble to grind challenges to get it together in under 4 hours. I would’ve easily had that 2k from the last few days of sales if this greyed out bug wasn’t a thing.

See other posts. :slight_smile:

TLDR: Ludia knows and is working on it.

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