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Donation is Messed Up

The more I think about it, the more I think I’m coming to the conclusion that the entire donations scheme is just plain bad and implemented in a manner that achieves the exact opposite of what I infer its intention was.

At first I just thought, “OK, I don’t need any commons or rares so, cool, I’ll just donate everything to all these needy folk and I’ll be doing a good thing.”

Umm… yeah… nah.

See, I also don’t need the gold or the XP. And the weird thing is, the people donating often don’t need the rares or commons either and are just doing it as a reciprocal, quid pro quo so that people who need XP/gold, can get quick bucks.

In other words, the incentive is perverse; instead of donating, I should be requesting so that people can get gold/XP, despite the fact that I have zero need or want for these items. I should therefore also entirely refrain from donating.

Unless, of course, someone genuinely needs the item, in which case… who knows? That then creates a situation where if someone actually needs the item they’re requesting, they have to add that it’s a genuine request and not just a prop so that others can get some cash. And I have to ask people who don’t need the cash to NOT donate so that those who do, can get it.

It’s so dumb.

I use nearly a half dozen commons in my primary gearing, and around the same in rares as well. Having donations has helped me reach the max potential for these items. The Quaff item for Tommus is the best - 100% guaranteed restore each turn for example

What is Quaff?

Edit: Nm found it