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Donation list for all the members of alliance


The alliance works really fine and it’s a great improvement on the game, but there is a thing that i think a whole part of the players we are expecting, and that is a table of the donations of all the members of an alliance. That information would be very useful to all of us for the decisio making

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I’m not expecting that. Why would we need that? These are donations, the moment people start acting entitled about who is giving what, who isn’t, etc. Is when the fun is killed.

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It would be useful to check if there are completely inactive players in the alliance. Many of the alliances are already maxed out at the fairly low cap of 50 players and lots of alliances are in high demand to join, so a list of donations would make it possible to determine inactive players to kick to make room for more active, contributing members.

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Could cause alliances to kick people out who can’t donate as much as they have less time to play. Lets face it, some people can play this game 5,6 7 hours a day or more. Others, weather work, family, kids, single parent will have less opportunity to play as much especially at certain times of the day. A tracking system like this could be used against them and cause more fighting in the alliances…just my 2 cents…I don’t care one way or another.

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I’ve played other games with guilds and alliances and they have different “tiers”: competitive, casual, just for fun, that kind of thing. I think they could implement this when searching for alliances so people know what they are getting in to. If alliances are straight forward with expectations, then people know what is expected of them and won’t have to worry about getting kicked. Obviously a “competitive” alliance will have more expectations than a casual one and people can choose based on their level of play.

But I agree that alliances should have the ability to see who is donating either way. What they do with that information is up to them.


I think it might be useful for just the leader to have. I know where you’re coming from though, my alliance has a trophy range of 5000+ to less than 1000 and we definitely don’t expect the lower players to donate nearly as much. Even just a list to see how long it’s been since someone has logged in could be helpful. There are definitely players who have quit the game and it would be nice to know if a member is still active.


Yeah, a mean my goal it’s to see the activity of the members and bring other users, because i know more or less who donate and who doesn’t and a second guild it’s very difficult to manage.