Donation Vs. DNA Received Ratio

Hi Ludia,

Please add a feature for alliance leaders to see donation vs. DNA received for each player. It would be a nice way to determine who to let go to let in waitlisted players.

P.S. Loving the changes in 1.5! Arguably the best update so far.



I like the addition of alliances but there is much improvement needed to them.

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When ur ready to collect u can click the i and it will tell you who And how much they gave

That’s fine for a single donation but not tracking longer term contribution.

I’d like all members to be able to see this, so they can decide if they want to contribute to someone not helping out.

If the system had a given received count I’d prefer an automatic effect. Like you can’t recieve more than 30% of what you give. Leaders may have biases or just be too busy. If a system is fairer just do it automatically.

The problem is now I can’t see who in my alliance simply requests without donating, as a waitlist piles up. I agree all members should be able to see as well, but at the very minimum, as alliance leaders, we should be able to see. That way, we can make space for potentially better members.