Done. Best of luck, all!

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I said I was done yesterday, but I can’t ignore empty slots lol. Now I really am done, though. It was a really fun tournament, very challenging. Good luck to those still battling, and good work to anyone who’s finished!!
Oh, and @MNBrian you were my last match… I’m glad I gave you a good showing, unlike the previous loss I had to you :sweat_smile:


You caught me at the worst of my RNG luck. :wink: I’m finally back up in the 5500 range. :smiley:

It was really fun to play different people honestly. :smiley: Nice to see some names I recognized. :smiley:

And very good game. You played it very well. :slight_smile:

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i have an article to link you to around here somewhere…hold the line.


HA oh? Does it talk about rng? and not losing your poop? Because i think i know the guy who wrote that one. :smiley:


Jan? Yan perhaps?

that’s the one! Janyan. :smiley: