Done something I thought Id never do (so soon anyway)

I have removed Indominus rex from my battle team! Yeah my all-time favourite “Fake” dinosaur (favourite real one is Trex followed by Brachiosaurus ^_^) no longer has a spot since its cloak has been ridiculously unreliable for the past few months, its gotten to the point where I actually don’t like seeing it as one of my 4 chosen dinosaurs =/, and now with so many nulls and invincibility and such its just holding me back!

For now im testing Rajakylosaurus in its place and seeing how it goes, but so far its not looking good lol. Been 2 shotted a couple of times already! Though in its defence it is only 16 so =/.

Edit: Monomimus is also being unreliable too ever since getting it, haven’t had it dodge twice in a row in about a week now, actually most times I don’t even pop evasion, I just do as much damage as possible rather then lose a turn popping evasion.

DEF haven’t been dodging 6-7 times straight like ive seen others do. Then again ive never been a lucky person irl so, I don’t blame the game!

Edit 2: Also since im working on unlocking Indoraptor, I won’t be using Indom DNA on itself so its gunna be stuck at level 20 till I get Indoraptor!

mine has been stuck on lvl 20 and has always been on my team. maybe when i get a reliable unique, then ill replace him. irex, you just have to have fun with. know when to hit and know when to run.


Bump mono up to lvl20 she’s going to get your team onto next level

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Mono as in Invincibility emu? or Mono as in Monostega?

The awkward ostrich. I like the way it blush😁

Or emu, whatever

Lol yeah I love the model of Mono is so cute and horrifying at the same time lol and the noises it makes hahah I crack up sometimes!

And yeah it does look more like an ostrich then Emu, in fact pretty sure Galli name literally means Ostrich Mimic…or chicken mimic or something like that!

I love its soundtrack, everytime I tapped on it to see it’s animation reminds me of my cat haha. So sad to watch it die fighting in battles. I always avoid leaving it dead and I’d rather take my stego out to soak a extra hit lol. But its heartbreaking for me to listen to its dying sound

I’ve had mine off my team at level 20 for quite some time. Learned quickly that 3 cloaks (indoraptor, indominus Rex, monomimus) made for some seriously RNG-based battling. I’d range wayyyyyy too much in trophy count because it wasn’t consistent.

I halfway feel this way about indoraptor right now. I rarely open with indo as losing that dino in two shots after cloaking happens 25% of the time and that’s a great way to ruin my match. And at least indo outspeeds most things so it can get a hit off most of the time.

Indominus needs two dodges to really lay destruction.

After making my Rajakylosaurus I think it is one of the more “fun” dinos in my list.


Yeah ive been practicing with it on todays 10 step Epic strike event and im loving its counter attack!

Love my rajakylosaurus. Would level it more if I had anky dna :/. Used it to almost beat a stegodeus many levels higher. Made for an easy treat for my indo.

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Yeah I seen my first wild Anky the other day in AGESSS!

I unlocked the I-Rex (Cheat-o-saurus) a while ago but have never played it, never will out of principle, it’s just not the way I play in competitive battling (i.e. Pokémon main series) relying so heavily on luck. But well done @Stiffeno on being brave enough to break the mold, I’m impressed!

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This is my current lineup, if I had the coin I’d level them but the cap is too low lol!

I only used Indominus Rex for a couple weeks before taking it off of my team. It lost me more matches than it won. I also just took Monomimus off of my team after using it for a week or two. It actually won some matches for me but it’s getting countered too easily since mine is lower level than every opponent that has one. Monomimus is a good dino, even if you ignore evasive stance.


Yeah my Uninvincibility Emu doesn’t seem to dodge =/, its still doing some good damage and I don’t really have anything good to replace it with, I think Monomimus is best when its higher level!

The problem is getting the Mono DNA =/

I still have a level 18 Indominus on my team for lack of being able to create anything better to take a slot. It rarely comes out in the Arena even if picked for the four. I only use it as a Hail Mary if I am down and have little hope of winning. Pull it out, cloak and see what the RNG Gods have for me. I am talking about a two cloaks is a win situation. Usually it chalks up as a loss but I would have lost anyway. So my only strategy using it is as a last resort. I have pulled it out as a finisher mid-battle, but rarely. It is slower than most. I look forward to the day I can replace it.

if you only rely on cloak then you will lose but if you set it up just right, you get the “oh crap” moment from your opponent because there is nothing they can do lol. sure swap in and get SMACKED lol. i think ill use my irex more, now that i know some of you wont :grin:

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I would stop pumping coins into Monolometrodon. She is a dead end dino. Her damage is too low in the higher arenas and just gets destroyed. It’s a shame too cause she is pretty cool and the immunity is nice.

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